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When he was small I loved him so much. Now he’s big, and when I’m back, he forgets me and starts to jump on me. I’m a little bit scared. —Malkin on his dog back in Russia, Geoffrey (x)

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NHL revealed ep. 6: “The Blackhawks organization is known as one of the most generous in the league.”

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2/27/14: Patrick Kane warming up in Sochi (NHL Revealed, ep 4)

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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Live)
Aaron Tveit
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Something floated through his mind and he smiled. “When we were Drifting, I heard a song…”

Mako smiled back at him. She untangled earphones from her pocket and handed him one. “Shibuya Pop,” she said. “Kind of corny, kind of sweet. You want to hear?”

He nodded and put the earbud in. She played the song, and they listened together, letting the music wash over and connect them. It was bouncy synthpop with a little bit of jazz to it. Music to make you feel good. Listening to music together was maybe one of the best connections you can find outside the Drift, Raleigh thought. 

Chapter 19,  Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization 

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I could’ve done it! For you!

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Then, Mycroft remembers when Sherlock told him his dream. How he blatantly told him that it was impossible and that he would do better in an office setting. He then remembers how Sherlock’s eyes died, his shoulders slumped. He remembers how Sherlock looked up at him with eyes full of indifference and ice.

Most of all, Mycroft remembers how the child in Sherlock died and a piece of himself, the cold, arrogant, calculating piece, latched onto his little brother and stole him away. Mycroft remembers that it was his fault.

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