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man, fuck the dark knight rises.

i know it’s kind of weird that that’s what this photoset makes me think of, but bear with me.

because pacific rim’s defining philosophy was really, really positive, right? it was all about people coming together and helping each other and overcoming adversity—and it got criticized for that. there’s nothing dark or edgy about that message, and lately all movies seem to want to do is be dark and edgy.

so take the dark knight rises, all about moral ambiguity and tortured heroes and blah blah blah, where bruce wayne supposedly pulls a heroic sacrifice only to resurface in the end, alive and well and banging catwoman in florence.

man, that was real selfless of you, bruce. real inspiring.

i guess my point is that i’m sick of faux depth through contrived grittiness in a story that doesn’t even have the balls to commit to its ultimate sacrifice ploy. and it’s not just tdrk, much as i pick on it—it’s all those cynical white guy movies that throw angst and drama at the audience hoping some of it sticks, but still dance around any serious loss and never really go for it.

people died in pacific rim. that surprised me. i was expecting a fun, feel good movie, and it was—but major characters died. as they should have. an optimistic and hopeful movie recognized that sacrifice and death are part of this kind of thing. that’s more than a lot of franchises can say.

i dunno, i found it refreshing that death in pacrim wasn’t cheap or off limits or gratuitous. by the end, most of the pilots are gone. that made the rest of the film so much more heavy. it gave context to a movie about giant robots fighting monsters! it was fucking realistic!!

pacific rim may not be dark or edgy, but it’s still got more balls than half the franchises that are.

Some really excellent points have been made and I bless OP for that, but I’d like to offer another perspective, in that the whole point of TDKR was that it wasn’t about sacrifice, or at least not the kind of sacrifice that was made in PR.

By the end of his arc, Bruce Wayne was done sacrificing. He had given up so much of his life to the Batman that shedding the cape was already a kind of sacrifice in itself. TDKR is not a story about a man becoming a hero. It’s a story about how a hero becomes a man. The mythos is deconstructed as Bruce Wayne gets older and racks up more ghosts. I will defend TDKR’s resolution to the death, because the narrative let him let the Batman go because the whole point was that Bruce should at least be able to do that much in the end.

Don’t get me wrong!!! I love PR so much precisely because of the reasons that OP stated, and TDKR wasn’t perfect by any means. Don’t get me started on how Talia al Ghul deserved so much better, like that film doesn’t even begin to approach how much of a badass she is, and how Bane should have been South American, BUT ANYWAY.

I’m just saying that you can’t compare PR and TDKR. Because Pacific Rim is about hope and salvation, while Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is about what comes afterwards.

I’ve noticed that there’s a tendency these days for people to roll their eyes at “dark and gritty” interpretations, but Batman as a superhero franchise was already dark and gritty way before TDKR came out. Like Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke and Frank Miller’s Year One, and let’s not forget Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis???

And I no longer know where I’m going with this, but basically, Pacific Rim is amazing, and you can definitely compare it favorably to a whole lot of other franchises out there, but a comparison along these lines maybe kind of falls apart when using Nolan’s Batman, because they weren’t about the same things. Not the same at all.

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Stacker. That’s my son you got there. My son.

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do people still play “the game”

you son of a bitch

4 years gone….

i hate you

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This is the anniversary of the last full day that James and Lily got to spend with Harry.

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remember when lancelot wasn’t dead

remember when lancelot and gwen were in love

remember when lancelot was the best character on the show

remember when lancelot

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