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progress report: merlin still hurts

there has been no progress

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so there was this knight sitting next to leon at the round table during leon’s report and he looked like he was having fun soo

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Another piece I’ve done for Let’s Draw Merlin! The theme for this latest round: Old Endings & New Beginnings! Those last two words made me think of children… So I give you a different ending (out with the old) in which Arthur and Gwen both live happily ever after and have beautiful babies - who, naturally, adore their “Uncle” Merlin! Now, wouldn’t a Court Sorcerer make a brilliant babysitter? Instead of hearing another bedtime story, they’d get to see more magic tricks! <3 (My Art Tag)

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Make sure you look after Arthur. He’s in danger.

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season 5!mordred | requested by amyspondering

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"No young man, no matter how great, can know his destiny. He cannot glimpse his part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, he must live and learn. And so it will be for the young warlock arriving at the gates of Camelot. A boy that will, in time, father the legend. His name… Merlin."

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Lancelot being adorably over protective of Merlin.

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Requested by Anon

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